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Approximately 1-7 Australian adults suffer from issues caused by poor gut health. At Colonics Australia, through our colon hydrotherapy services, we offer a meaningful solution, flushing out your colon and cleansing it for the better. Visit our Lake Cathie clinic today, and together, let’s start your journey to a healthier, happier you!


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What is Colon Hydrotherapy?


The term sounds more intimidating than the procedure actually is. Commonly referred to as ‘colonic irrigation’, colon hydrotherapy is a clinical procedure that uses specialised equipment and warm, purified water to essentially ‘flush out’ waste and other toxins from your large intestine.

It’s a relatively quick procedure (approximately 60 minutes) and, when performed by an experienced professional, is an effective method in cleansing your colon, leading to detoxification on the highest level. 

How Does the Procedure Work?

At Colonics Australia, we really appreciate that coming in for a colon cleanse can be an anxiety-inducing experience, especially if it’s your first time. Not to worry, though; we’re here to ensure an informed and stress-free appointment for your peace of mind. Here’s how the procedure works:

No two clients have the same tummies, which is why it’s essential we get down to the nitty-gritty of your gut troubles. This is so we have a deeper understanding of what’s going on in there.

Before your appointment, you’ll speak with our resident hydrotherapist about your situation, outlining your symptoms and discussing your medical history and other health issues. This is also a great opportunity for you to ask any questions or express any concerns you have about the procedure. We’ll then take all the information you’ve provided to ensure your appointment aligns with your health needs.

Next, we’ll show you the treatment room and run through how everything works. You’ll be given a gown to change into and asked to empty your bladder before returning to the treatment room to get comfortable.

We understand that getting a colonic can be a nerve-racking and vulnerable experience. Before we start the hydrotherapy, we’ll make sure you feel comfortable and have as much privacy as possible, providing you with reassurance and a blanket to cover exposed areas.

Now that you’re all set up, comfy, and ready to go, it’s time to get started. Your colon hydrotherapist will gently and safely insert a sterile tube (speculum) into your rectum and begin the release of warm, filtered water to commence the flush.

Every client responds differently to this procedure, so once we’ve started, your hydrotherapist, Gemma, will monitor your reaction to the water flow and adjust the pressure accordingly. As we go, we’ll make sure you’re still comfortable and analyse your body’s reaction to the treatment.

If at any time you feel distress or discomfort, or you simply need to stop, let Gemma know. That way, we can make necessary adjustments or conclude the procedure safely.

Phew, you made it! Once the procedure is over, we’ll safely remove the speculum and tidy up the work area. We’ll provide you with fresh paper towels and substantial time to freshen up and change back into your clothes. Then, we’ll reconvene to go over the procedure and our findings.

From there, we have a casual chat about how everything went, offering some insight into your waste and things you can do at home to support your gut. We’ll look at things like diet and lifestyle factors and discuss some small changes you can make to improve your tummy’s overall well-being.

Oftentimes, our clients need follow-up appointments. How many depends on what we learn from your first visit. After your session, Gemma will draft an ongoing colon cleanse and hydrotherapy plan tailored exclusively to your gut. From there, we’ll schedule further appointments and, in some case, give you some homework to do before your next visit.

Our Colon Hydrotherapy Services

At Colonics Australia, we’re proud to offer premier colon hydrotherapy to Port Macquarie locals. Whether it’s your first time or you’re practically a seasoned pro, we have a package to suit your needs. All sessions are conducted by a licenced hydrotherapist at our Lake Cathie clinic, ensuring a smooth and simple process Port Macquarie can rely on.

To find and book the most suitable session for you, check out our packages below.

1 hour and 15 minutes | $150
Suitable for beginners and new clients, this package is all about getting to know you and your health goals. It includes one colon hydrotherapy session and an in-depth discussion about your gut health.

1 hour | $125
Had your initial session? This package is for you. Tailored to the returning customer, a Follow Up Hydrotherapy Session involves a colon flush that monitors your progress since your last appointment.

1 hour and 30 minutes | $165
Offered to experienced clients seeking a deeper release. We can also tailor these sessions to individuals with mobility struggles or those needing a bit more time dedicated to their cleanse.

1 hour and 30 minutes | $199
This package bundles hydrotherapy with a therapeutic enema. Suitable for those seeking an extended detox, we recommend this package to experienced, returning clients.

4x 1 hour sessions over four days | $550
The king of all packages, this one offers the experienced client a deep clean out of waste and toxins. It’s one of the most transformative packages we offer and includes four colon hydrotherapy sessions performed over a four-day period.

10x 1 hours sessions over thirty days | $1,200
For those committed to the cause, this follow-up package gives you ten colon hydrotherapy sessions conducted over thirty days. With a huge focus on detoxifying your gut, this package works to eliminate years of waste from the sigmoid colon, descending colon, transverse colon, and ascending colon.

Cleanse Your Colon

Benefits of a Colon Cleanse

Colon cleansing via hydrotherapy is an effective way to evacuate waste and unwanted bacteria from your gut. But more than just flushing out the crappy bits, there are heaps of advantages to undergoing colon hydrotherapy. Among them are:

  • Relief from constipation and bloating
  • Increased energy
  • Facilitated weight loss
  • Skin improvement
  • Boosts natural detoxification

Why We’re NSW's Chosen Colon Hydrotherapist?

Meet Gemma — Founder & Resident Hydrotherapist

Hey, I’m Gemma, owner-operator here at Colonics Australia.

I have a deep passion for gut and colon health. It’s why I do what I do. More than anything though, I care about my clients and their comfort and safety.

It’s for this reason that I only use the best hydrotherapy equipment on offer, manning a fully plumbed, TGA and FDA-approved colon hydrotherapy machine that works magic on my clients.

I operate my clinic from the bottom storey of my home, which for some people might seem a little offputting at first. But truthfully, I made this decision so that I could provide holistic hydrotherapy services from a space that is safe, private, and discreet. Let’s face it: dressing down to a gown isn’t exactly a pleasant experience, but by running my business from my home, I can ease you into the process in an environment that is warm, inviting, and, most importantly, comfortable.

Let’s talk qualifications. I’m a fully trained ICHTA Certified Colon Hydrotherapist with years of industry experience. I also have a background in business which has equipped me with all the skills I need to not only meet my client’s expectations but to exceed them. Many of my bookings come from return customers who truly let my results speak for themselves. You can hear it straight from them in their testimonials below.

If you’re looking for a dedicated, knowledgeable, and friendly colon hydrotherapist in Port Macquarie, pop in and see me. I promise I’ll make the experience as comfortable and as pleasant as possible. See you then!

Our Clients Have Happy Tummies

Colon Hydrotherapy. Have You Got the Guts? 

Ready to get started on your journey to a healthy tummy? Book your next hydrotherapy session with us! We provide a safe and welcoming space to efficiently perform colon cleansing to all travelling & local residents who need it. Our clinic address is 1693 Ocean Dr, Lake Cathie, NSW 2445, but if you need to book an appointment or have something you want to ask, you can contact Gemma directly on 0448 128 429.

After something else? Why not check out our store? We have a range of colonics products tailored to restoring and maintaining a healthy gut. Whether you’re after coffee enema kits or simply want to feed your gut for optimal function and vitality, our selection is here to support your needs. Shop today! 

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