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What is 5PointDetox?

5PointDetox is a liquid herbal tonic containing a unique blend of 16 herbs with a long history of traditional use in Western Medicine to target five areas (The Five Points) –

LIVER- Supports detoxification processes and support bile secretions.

KIDNEYS- Assist detoxification processes and temporarily relieve fluid retention.

DIGESTION- Enhance healthy digestive system function. Reduce the symptoms of indigestion, mild gastritis, flatulence and improve digestive weakness.

WORMS- Remove intestinal worms (Threadworms & Pinworms).

CONSTIPATION- Relieves constipation.


 “All disease begins in the gut”

~ Hippocrates 400B.C.

Two thousand five hundred years ago, Hippocrates observed that gut health is essential in maintaining a healthy body. The principle just makes sense – if your digestive system is compromised then your body cannot absorb the right nutrients and it loses the ability to nourish and heal itself. So, if you want better health, the vital first step is to improve your digestive health.

5PointDetox enhances your general health and well-being by following the naturopathic principle that detoxification and elimination are the first steps to restoring health. Each bottle provides 16 days of cleansing.

Why a Liquid?

We believe liquid herbal extracts are the most effective way to take medicinal herbs. Tablets and pills contain fillers and binders and first need to be broken down and dissolved before being absorbed by the digestive system. Tablets and pills offer no guarantee of full absorption, especially if your digestion is impaired. A liquid tonic ensures rapid absorption and allows you to control the dose. You can easily adjust the dose frequency and amount to better suit your body’s requirements and lifestyle.detox

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