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Colaus® Coffee Enema Kit Bundle

Colaus® Coffee Enema Kit Bundle

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Colaus® Coffee Enema Kit Bundle

Included in this bundle:

Colaus® Organic Coffee Enema Blend x1

100% Organic, Fair Trade Coffee Enema Grind Blend for Coffee Enema Use. (only 50 bags at a time, roasted and packed in NSW Australia, for optimum quality & freshness)

Coffee Enemas are a safe & natural solution for Detoxing at home.

During a Coffee Enema, the coffee is absorbed into the bloodstream via Rectal Veins and travels directly to the Liver via the Portal Vein. Almost immediately, the Coffee starts stimulating the production and flow of bile, this then increases Glutathione in the liver up to 700%.

Gultathione is the Liver’s antioxidant which binds to free radicals so it can leave the body effectively during detoxification. Benefits of Coffee Enemas include, Energy Support, Liver support, Gallbladder detoxification, Antioxidant booster, Fighting off Candida & Parasites PLUS SO MANY MORE!

Use with your Colaus Complete Silicone Enema Kit.

o Australian Owned
o Enema Coffee
o Organic Beans
o Fair Trade Certified

Colaus® 2L Premium Silicone Enema Kit x1

A complete at home solution for removing built up waste in the colon.

This Enema Kit is designed for quick, easy & effective evacuation of the lower bowel. The Colaus 2L Premium Silicone Enema Kit comes with Enema Bag, Metal Hanging Hook, 2M Hose, Hose to Bag Connector, Flexi Enema Nozzles, Colonic Irrigation Nozzle, One Way Valve, Enema Clamp, 100% Cotton Storage Bag & Enema Kit User Guide & Instruction Manual.

The benefits of removing harmful toxins & built up fecal matter in the colon are beneficial for experiencing optimal health & by removing old waste on the Colon walls, our bodies are able to absorb nutrients more efficiently leading to higher energy levels, clearer skin (our largest organ), better immunity, reduction in IBS symptoms, reduction in Inflammation, balancing of Hormones and an overall “lighter” feeling.

o Re-Usable
o BPA Free
o Easy To Use
o Portable
o Australian Owned

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