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Colaus® Organic Coffee Enema Grinds 400g

Colaus® Organic Coffee Enema Grinds 400g

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100% Organic, MOULD FREE (tested) Fair Trade Coffee Enema Grind Blend for Coffee Enema Use. Coffee Enemas are a safe & natural solution for Detoxing at home.

During a Coffee Enema, the coffee is absorbed into the bloodstream via Rectal Veins and travels directly to the Liver via the Portal Vein. Almost immediately, the Coffee starts stimulating the production and flow of bile, this then increases Glutathione in the liver up to 700%.

Gultathione is the Liver’s antioxidant which binds to free radicals so it can leave the body effectively during detoxification. Benefits of Coffee Enemas include, Energy Support, Liver support, Gallbladder detoxification, Antioxidant booster, Fighting off Candida & Parasites PLUS SO MANY MORE!

Use with your Colaus Complete Silicone Enema Kit.

o Australian Owned
o Enema Coffee
o Organic Beans
o Fair Trade Certified

(Roasted and packed only 50 bags at a time for optimum quality & freshness, 400g bag)

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